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The primary purpose of DeliverMyFile is to... well... deliver your file! It does this in a secure and protected way that makes sure nobody but your paying customer gets the files.

Sell Downloads with Protected Delivery

  • An easy-to-use online control panel lets you upload and set-up your download files and configure third-party services.
  • When a payment is received, the delivery process is automatically initiated. (or you can manually enter a customer's email address to send them the file securely)
  • Each paying customer receives a unique dowload link in their email. This is a protected URL that controls access to your files.
  • You can set how tightly secured the download is, limiting the number of downloads for each link, or how many unique computers can access it. Also, you can set links to expire after any number of hours.
  • BONUS! Free PDF "Stamping". If you are delivering an eBook or document in PDF format, the download can be "stamped" with the customer's email address, either secretly or visibly, which is a very effective way to prevent and track the source of unauthroized sharing.
                                                      COUPON CODE: NEGOSYO

Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Business

  • The majority of our customers use the easy integration with PayPal. Using the "Buy Now" buttons that we provide for you (or a link from any website or email) customers can send payment with PayPal and the download will be instantly authorized and sent.
  • Works with other payment processers like 2Checkout and more services are being added upon request.
  • For custom developed websites, DeliverMyFile offers an API to integrate with your website and software in a number of ways.
  • For Affiliate Sellers: DeliverMyFile integrates with the leading affiliate networks like ClickBank, PayDotCom, and PaySpree to instantly deliver your file when a sale is made through their systems.

Say goodbye to the un-protected "Thank You" page!

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  1. Very good tool for file delivery.

    Thanks for spreading it.

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  2. DeliverMyFile sounds to be a very good tool for our file delivery. We can be assure that it was secured. We are really thankful that your are sharing this to us. Keep it up and keep us posted.