I have been a loyal user of NOKIA ever since. From the Nokia 6110, Nokia 3310, Nokia 8850, Nokia 6600, the silver Nokia before N71, and the old flip Nokia (forgot the model already).  Although I am not that technically specific and very knowledgeable with cellphone models, I go for the trusted brand.

NOKIA has proven to be my number one brand when it comes to cellphones.  Why? Over the years, its durability is enough for me. As a mom, my kids would play with it and even dropping it. It even got wet one time and a little drying with the spin of the electric fan, it still functioned.  That's how durable it is.

EASE OF USE will never be a question because every time I tried to learn how to use other brands, I tend to go back with using Nokia.  For me, no other brand could surpass its durability and ease of use.  

I deserve to have a break from the old models and you should see this video why you as well deserve to own NOKIA C7. I Just love it!

Nokia C7 Unlocked Quadband Smartphone with 8GB Storage, Symbian^3 OS, 8 MP Camera, 720P Video Recording, Wi-Fi, AMOLED Touchscreen and Bluetooth--International Version with No Warranty (Black)


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