I am not a guru in entrepreneurship, finances, and even successful in life (yet), but everybody on this planet have some piece of their mind. I understand that because of lack, because of poverty, because of hunger, we, as human beings are struggling, catching up with life, striving to get to that place of comfort, success, fulfillment, 'dream come true' state, and many more terms of a single bottom line word - HAPPINESS.

My question is, is it worth your effort? Is it worth my effort to write these articles? Well, I guess it's time you get a bit of my point of view that claims no intellectual magnanimity in it, but what I am saying is truly with heart.

Most of us would think that life is all about hardship, as if someone is chasing us all the time.  They are called banks, debts, bills, mortgage, credit card companies, etc.  And because of the stress that it is bringing us, we sacrifice our relationship with our family, our friends, and the people around us.

It might be easier to be a crook once and for all, but we are not born to live that life. Some may not possess a conscience, but there is really something in doing bad things that steals your soul.  So, we opt to do good things.  It might not be enough, but still, our said 'conscience', when we do good things helps us (at least) to sleep at night.

Below are questions that I want you to really dig in deeper and think, and ponder. It may take minutes, days, weeks, months, or even a year to really capture the essence of the question, but 'trying' won't kill, right?

1. Why am I in this world?
2. What is my use in this world and the people around me?
3. What do I really, truly want out of life?
4. Will I just die and still struggle in the end?
5. Is 'living happily ever after' true?

We will be tackling this one by one in the upcoming articles... you are always welcome here.

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